Latina Entrepreneurs Collective
A Virtual Membership + Community for Latinas in Entrepreneurship to Build Businesses, Wealth + Wellness to Thrive Together!
Join our aligned community of Latina small business owners + solopreneurs
You took that leap of faith and started a business. Now what?

You have that go-getter spirit with an ambitious vision for yourself that includes financial success.

But no one prepared you for..

  • Dealing with the weeks of restless nights wearing all of the hats in your biz
  • Feeling like an outsider to the family and friends that love you
  • Building an impactful vision that seems impossible to create by yourself

And yet here you are, standing tall and proud in your purpose - ready to grow and evolve.

There were many lessons you’ve had to learn along the way which allowed you to reimagine what success looks like for you, your business, and your life.

Gone are the days of doing it all alone. You're finally at a place in your entrepreneurial journey where you are ready to build, scale, and thrive with a community that has your back!

Why Become A Member of Latina Entrepreneurs Collective
At the Latina Entrepreneurs Collective, we lead differently. Because we know that everything happens in divine timing, even your growth and success.

It’s not a coincidence you are here right now. You are looking for a space where you can be a successful Latina entrepreneur while also being connected to your culture and being socially responsible.

Over the last year, an awakening ignited within. There's been a shift in the way you do business and in your lifestyle.

You learned that financial freedom is a not just a goal, but a necessity.
And you’re ready to manifest abundance, wealth, and opportunities to thrive on your own terms.

Entrepreneurship can feel very lonely at the top, which is why our membership is dedicated to investing in Latina small business owners and solopreneurs who don’t want to learn how to be successful in the “hard knocks” kind of way.

Investing in business also means investing in yourself because it all starts with you. Our members take on a holistic approach to building a business, one that supports you to build wealth and wellness to savor your life.

Stop trying to do it all and be it all by yourself.

Whether you’re a product-based or service-based business owner, you will find the Latinapreneurs who GET what you’re about and are here to support your business and help you make it happen without crushing yourself in the process.

Get the guidance, support, and camaraderie of like-minded mujeres with a brain for business and a heart for aligned connections's time for us to ride and thrive together!
Imagine having access to a collective of like-minded women who GET YOU and want to see you thrive while supporting you to…
Grow your business within a diverse, supportive community so you can empower the people who need your services and products

Create authentic connections for aligned collaborations and referrals so you can cultivate a network of relevant opportunities

Learn foundational business strategies to set your business up for success long term

Create the lifestyle you want with our fireside chats and meet a biz bestie

Cultivate your wellness to be a thriving Latinapreneur

Invest your money in your community as we are a 100% Latina-owned business

Amazing Praise From Our Amazing Community Members
"Having connected with other Latina entrepreneurs via the Latina Entrepreneurs Collective has been a blessing. I consistently communicate with them and have found that we have inadvertently created this support system of inspirational and motivated women. I would recommend this community to entrepreneurial Latinas who are maybe feeling a little isolated on their journey or just looking for a community that they can relate to."
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Jeanette Guardiola-Woods
Founder and CEO
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"The Latina Entrepreneurs Collective is truly a place for my businesses and me to call home. Each member brings their own unique expertise and experience to every interaction--it's a wonderful and safe place to really learn more about how to build and run a successful business. There are plenty of groups a business owner could join, but I choose LEC because it is full of like-minded, passionate, inspiring Latinas, and I can't find that level of relatability and community anywhere else. "
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Sabrina Butler
Founder and Editor
Polished Words LLC
Latina Entrepreneurs Collective
Membership At A Glance
Receive (10) 90-minute video masterclass trainings + LIVE Q&A with opportunities for coaching from our industry leaders and experts who will walk you through proven strategies and practical tools. The focus will be on 1 topic per month to support you with successful strategies amd  results.
Attend monthly mini business mastermind video sessions with members facilitated by our Founder and experts to support you and your business to get advice and feedback to stay on track and consistent with your vision and aligned business goals.
Ready for a Girls Night-In with mujeres who get you? Join us for our fireside chats and lounge where we discuss hot topics that affect today's Latinapreneurs all in a fun chill setting of a virtual living room. Grab your wine, green juice, coffee or tea and connect and chill..
Let's thrive together! The only way to enjoy the empires we build is to be healthy first. With our popup holistic wellness events, we're committed to our community's mental, physical, and emotional health. 
Looking to optimize your business info? With your membership listing you can feature your business, expertise, offers and social media in one place. Making it easy for community, your future clients, customers and collaborators to find you.
Finally! A purposeful and curated community made for Latinas in Entrepreneurship, so you don't have be just a number, spammed, stalked by MLM's or deal with algorithums. Engage for genuine connection where we give and receive support.
Introducing Our Extraordinary Academy Experts
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Founder, The Legalmiga Membership +Trademark + Business Attorney
Legal 101 For
Business Owners
CEO, Enumerista,  Bookkeeper + QuickBooks® Advanced Certified ProAdvisor
Bookkeeping Solutions for Small Business Owners
CEO, Aguilar Tax Services + Small Business Advisor
Tax Strategies for Small Business Owners
CEO, J Marin Consultancy, Certified Business Manager
Streamling Your Business Operations
Founder, Sacred Brand Mastery, Brand Strategist + Storyteller
Brand Strategy + Visioning
Sketch and Form
Website Conversion
Founder, Modern Woman Mastermind, Lifestyle + Online Business Designer
Social Media Expert
Founder, Profitable Latinas LLC
Social Media Sales
Profit Strategist +
Founder, The Funderista
Profit Strategy
Latina Entrepreneurs Collective
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to cancel my monthly membership?
If you select the monthly subscription and decide Latina Entrepreneurs Collective isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at In order to prevent being charged in any future month you must email us to cancel your membership at least 7 days before your charge date on your payment method. For instance, if you cancel anytime in January, you will not be charged in February. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel.
What if I want to cancel my yearly membership?
If you select the annual subscription and then decide Latina Entrepreneurs Collective isn’t for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase by contacting us at Upon cancellation, you will be refunded the purchase price and your access to the Membership Portal content, classes, events, sessions on Zoom, and private Mighty Networks community will be deactivated.
Why should I join when there are other groups doing the same thing?
Unlike other groups, we don’t add you to an oversaturated Facebook group and let you figure it out on your own. We curate the community so you feel welcomed and supported. We are also very intentional about your experience so that you don’t get lost in an algorithm.
Who can I expect to connect with?
You can expect to connect with business owners who created their original products and services. There are seasoned entrepreneurs who know how to build 6-7 figure businesses as well as new online business owners. The mujeres in this collective represent various industries but their expertise is relevant to any niche. You don’t have to worry about getting spammed or harassed by MLM marketers in this community.
 How much of my time will it require each month?
That’s up solely up to you! The great thing about Latina Entrepreneurs Collective is that it makes it really simple to stay focused while living an aligned life. This isn’t a formal school — but there are worksheets for each Academy class to keep you on track with each topic. If you miss any of the live classes, sessions and events you can watch the replays in the member portal.  If you’re super busy one month, that’s fine. You can’t fall behind as an LEC Member! However, understand that when you want to level up your business, you do need to do the work and engage in the community  - And that starts with you! You get to create the experience you want to have.
What 's the vibe of the community?
We have built a community of like-minded Latinapreneurs who celebrate and support each other. We are women who celebrate women. There is no place for gossip, mean girls, pettiness, or any kind of toxic socializing in our community. We’re committed to preserving the safe space we've cultivated to connect and share. And that starts with how each of us shows up in this community. If this sounds like you, we'd love you to become a member.
This is your time to create the business and life you always imagined for yourself.
Growing your business to thrive means access to the right resources including connecting with a community that wants to support your success.

Think about the impact you could have when your services and products solve the solutions your customers need.

Are you ready to break through the hurdles that block your success so you can align your business with authenticity, sustainability, and profitability?

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